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Maumee may soon see new rules for rental properties

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) – Landlords in Maumee could soon see several new regulations regarding their rental properties. Some are none too happy about it.

New rules are circulating through the Maumee City Council, and some are surprised to learn what’s in them.

Maumee Mayor Rich Carr told 13abc as the rental property numbers have increased here in the city, so have the complaints. He said these rules are needed. Rules some say go too far.

One thing a group of Maumee rental owners and investors agree on is that if there’s an emergency inside their property, it makes total sense for police or fire to enter. But what sort of emergency would necessitate the chief building official to come inside unannounced?

“We would have to let our tenants know it is a possibility that they’d come into the house with no notice and that’s scary, and our tenants are not going to like that,” said Maumee landlord Megan Hornsby.

Just one of the issues arising from Maumee’s proposed non-owner-occupied residential property rules. Mayor Carr said rental laws are needed to address properties that may be falling into disrepair. He called this an initial draft and has already met with several real estate professionals about what works and where changes can be made.

“The scope of work is almost impossible to meet,” said Maumee landlord Aubrey Hornsby.

Some of the issues this group cites include not only the inspections but a requirement that every bedroom should have access to at least one bathroom on the same story as the bedroom and minimum ceiling heights which include basements, which could be tricky in historic homes dating back to the 1800s.

“In order to be compliant with the scope of work, we’re going to have to kick them out of the house for an undisclosed amount of time,” said Aubrey Hornsby.

A rental registry is also proposed, and those landlords would have to pay to add each property to it. The price is the problem because many already register rentals in Toledo and Lucas County for free.

No one is against safety for tenants or firefighters making sure places are safe and eventually increasing property values. But they believe this attempt at doing that is an overreach.

Maumee city council has approved one reading of this ordinance, the council will now have to follow up with three more readings. A city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. We’re told it’s not expected on that agenda, but people against this still plan to be there to voice their displeasure.

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